Two People Who Rock My World

Today was pretty darn good day, even though it’s not quite over. First day of the Chinese New Year and I spent the first couple of hours running on the North Shore with my puppy and a couple of friends and then spent the afternoon with my parents. Truth be told, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect of the afternoon. My parents had been fighting so I thought it was going to be a Father-Daughter afternoon date, but it was a happy family trio for the last few hours.

I think back about the goals I wrote out for myself this year and it really focused on 3 themes: diversity, community, family.

After the last couple of years focusing on work and running, I started to think that my mind wasn’t as strong. I’ve always had ambition, determination, and perseverance in work and running and these were waning. I needed balance. I needed diversity. So, aside from those two things, I’ve focused on adding diversity in my life, from reintroducing yoga and reading a book a month, to trying different activities like skiing, skate-skiing  and swimming. I’ll also be throwing in a few more fun, not-so-serious events this year, like the Bagel Chase and the Ragnar Relay NW Passage.

Late last year, I took another turn in my career and entered the non-profit/charitable world (for those legal sticklers out there, there is a difference in the two). I spent the last 4 years working full-time in events and, although I loved it, there was a piece missing that I needed – giving back to the community. Perhaps it was a lack of giving back to the community to which I felt most connected, but regardless, there was a void that needed to be filled. And, for those who have worked in events, it’s not the most balanced lifestyle, so I needed a shift.

Image..which leads me to family, and the inspiration on this blog post. It’s amazing what one afternoon can do. I am the first to admit that I get pretty wrapped up in my immediate world and can function in tunnel-vision mode for quite some time. Everything else has to fit in those rare, empty spaces. I take my parents for granted and how they are always there. The pace at which they move is immensely slower than mine so I just think they’ll be there when I get one of those rare, empty spaces. And they always are. Today, however, I slowed down to their pace and it’s actually quite lovely. Almost necessary – for my sanity and for me to remember to reconnect with my family. They are, by and large, the most important thing in my life.

It’s funny – in my goal for diversity, I’m reintroducing yoga to my life after roughly an 18 month break. Each class I go to, I’m to focus on my breath. But today, after the afternoon with two wickedly awesome loving people who rock my world, it reminded me to take a breath, step back, and enjoy. I got all that, and I didn’t have to spend an hour in a super hot room trying to bend my 2×4 body into ungodly positions. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. 🙂


a simple post

This is going to be a quick post. Not about running. Not about training. Not about food. Not about wine. And not about my dog.

This is a post about how AWESOME some of the simplest things are in life. And how much my dad rocks.

Tonight was a simple night, not unlike others. I have dinner plans with my dad, my step mom, and her sister and husband from out of town. I go to my Dad’s house and rather than park in his driveway, I park on the street outside of his townhouse complex. This, my Dad thinks, is FAR.

Fast forward to after dinner and I’m driving everyone in my Dad’s car back to his house. After declining multiple times to let me out of the car at the entrance of the townhouse complex so he can reduce my walk to the car, he finally says to me, “Want me to drive you to your car?”

Dad, you rock. I can walk the 400m to my car, thank you, but I love you to bits.

and i will always be daddy’s little girl.