As I enter my 41st year – first, hold up… how did I get to 40 so quick?? – but I digress .. as I enter my 41st year, it’s given me the space to reflect.  I reflect on my past, take inventory of my present, and point my internal compass to a place that continually excites and inspires me.

Being 40 isn’t really scary or sad or daunting.  What I’m moreso aware of are the things relative to me at and come with being 40 years old.
  • It’s been 19 years since my mom’s been around, but I think about and miss her to my core every single day.
  • If I’m 40, then my siblings are nearing 50 and my father’s nearing 80 – although those are the realities that I accept, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are easy to grasp.
  • The number of white hairs on my head are growing exponentially – it’s an uphill battle that I may have to give up on soon.
  • Certain health tests and risks are now a routine concern, such as mammograms, early onset menopause, osteoporosis, etc!
  • All the things “Anti-aging” are now necessary.
But, given all this, I know I’m also lucky in life, and am full of gratitude:
  • There is laughter in my home every day.
  • I am surrounded by unconditional love.
  • Not only have I been given opportunities, I have created opportunities.
  • I have a thirst to learn.
  • I am connected to those communities about which I am most passionate.
  • For whatever reason, people show up for me and the space I’ve created.
  • I’m ever curious and absolute in my desire to grow.
  • The things I value in my life are purer than gold, shine brighter than diamonds, and more valuable than adamantium (see what I did there?).

When they say 40 is just a number, it really is.  It’s not what people in their 40s say.  Ok, it’s not JUST what people in their 40s say.  Take a minute now.  Close your eyes.  Take a deep breath.  How do you feel?  I sure as hell don’t feel 40, whatever that means.  Age is just something that quantifies years of memories and experiences, the events that took place to have you land where you are today, the decisions that shaped how you currently process information and emotions, the perspective you have when you see the world.  All the while, you have a calm understanding of the vastness around you and the opportunity that lies ahead.

I’m flipping 40 on its head and I am more adamant than ever to create memories and relationships that will enrich my life, and be the person I aspire to be.  I’m not going to ignore 40.  I’m #DiggingInto40.  Watch out for me.

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