Radness: Girlvana Yoga

A couple of weeks ago, by chance, I got to spend some time with Alex Mazerolle – the mastermind behind Girlvana Yoga. What is Girlvana?

Well, taken directly from their website:

Empowering teen girls and young women with the tools for higher living and learning. Combining the aspects of yoga and meditation with elements of fashion and healthy eating, this is a safe space for girl-oriented growth. girlvana is an initiative for girls to step into courage, self-inquiry, playfulness and grace.

After a few key words – empowerment, girls, youth, openness, safe, healing – I was hooked. It hit a heart string. Girlvana Yoga hosts retreats, with its next one in August on Galiano Island, geared towards girls aged 13-17. Think girls’ slumber party + mentors + safe space to talk = the sky’s the limit. Mentors are brought in to not only be a resource and to help guide these young women, but also to share their stories of how they have personified strength through adversity. Aside from the meditation and yoga, which are key to help ground each person, the most powerful portion that spoke to me personally was the safe space given to these young girls to discuss their issues after hearing their mentors speak.

What I think will resonate with both mentors and participants is the fact that the issues the women (mentors) faced 10, 20, 30 years ago are the SAME issues that girls are facing today – issues around self image, self worth, eating disorders, abuse to name a few. The opportunity for both mentors and participants to share and learn from each other is, what I feel, to be the most exciting and most beneficial part of the program, helping to further the continuous healing of old scars and to protect from and prevent new wounds from occurring.

High-five Alex. In awe of you.


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