On days like this…


On days like this…

when you realize you forgot your lunch at home
when the weatherman lied and said it was going to be 9 degrees and you only brought shorts for your run
when the rain and wind are coming at you so hard, it feels like it’s hailing golf balls.
when your ears are so waterlogged, you’ve temporarily lost hearing
when so much rain gets in your eyes, they sting
when everything is so numb, you feel like you’re not wearing any pants
when your hands are locked in a claw position
when you realize it really is hailing
when you get that moment and then…

you decide to run 10miles instead of 6miles
you forget where you are
you think of this as fun
you find it so peaceful
you realize you’re smiling
you wish you could go on forever

…you find that moment of bliss.

Just remember: No one got stronger because they wimped out on a run.


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