a simple post

This is going to be a quick post. Not about running. Not about training. Not about food. Not about wine. And not about my dog.

This is a post about how AWESOME some of the simplest things are in life. And how much my dad rocks.

Tonight was a simple night, not unlike others. I have dinner plans with my dad, my step mom, and her sister and husband from out of town. I go to my Dad’s house and rather than park in his driveway, I park on the street outside of his townhouse complex. This, my Dad thinks, is FAR.

Fast forward to after dinner and I’m driving everyone in my Dad’s car back to his house. After declining multiple times to let me out of the car at the entrance of the townhouse complex so he can reduce my walk to the car, he finally says to me, “Want me to drive you to your car?”

Dad, you rock. I can walk the 400m to my car, thank you, but I love you to bits.

and i will always be daddy’s little girl.


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