it all happened by chance

sometimes things happen in your life and it’s merely a case of “being at the right place, at the right time.” Eddy Nolan happened to me by chance.

It was a typical day, unlike any other day. I work, I check email, I go on Twitter, I go on Facebook, etc. I went into one of my groups on Facebook and saw this posting:

“Good Morning, I am currently looking for a Runner to represent B.C. with a Tribute Run to Honor Terry Fox on Apr.12/2012 by running a Marathon carrying Terry’s Flag in your own province. This is not a race ,nor is it a fundraiser, it is simply a Run to mark the 32 anniversary on that Special Day of Apr.12/1980. I had done this tribute run alone in 2010 with a good response. In 2011 I was diagnosed with stage 4 throat and neck Cancer. Now in 2012 I would like to repeat this run only I am trying to involve a runner from every province and territory in Canada to do this along with me. There is an article in Apr. Running Room Magazine abot my involvement with the Terry Fox Run which I have been running and raising funds for for the past 31 years. As of right now, We have 8 Provinces and 1 Territory committed with a runner or runners in each ready to carry Terry’s Flag to do this run.. We are basically trying to show all Canadians and all the Children out there a True Role Model and what a Canadian Hero is. I had a runner from B.C. who got injured on his job, so now I must replace him. I have been contacted by CTV in Montreal who are showing interest in what we are trying to accomplish. This will be a nice event to be a part of. If anyone is interested in being our Runner from B.C. can you please contact me ASAP or lead me to someone who might be interested. I feel this will be a National Story and a real HONOR to Terry.”

I emailed Eddy asking for more information. He said he had a potential runner but would know in the next day and would let me know. That was March 23rd.

March 24th, I’m in Oregon and the runner is not able to commit and it’s down to me. I ask to touch base via phone on Monday morning.

March 25th, I run the Gorge Waterfalls 50k – an extremely challenging run where I took a tumble very early on in the race but managed to cross the finish line.

March 26th, I can barely walk and I’m driving up to Penticton on the phone with Eddy Nolan. I’m committed.

To be honest, I don’t remember Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope when it started – I don’t remember much from 1980. I started running in 2001, without having done a lick of exercise, except for mandatory physical education classes in high school. I haven’t looked back. Running is my life and, of course, I am familiar with Terry Fox and his story. He is a true hero. He is an inspiration. I don’t remember him when he started but I know I will never forget him.

On April 12, 2012 at 9am, I will pay my tribute to this Canadian icon by running a marathon through the streets of Vancouver, starting and finishing at the Terry Fox statue in downtown Vancouver. I will be running on the same day as Eddy and runners from across the country (10 provinces and 1 territory), carrying the Terry Fox flag proudly.

Photo credit: Vancouver Sun

On this day, I will ask you only for one thing – remember. Remember Terry Fox. Remember what he did for you, for us, for Canada, for Cancer, for the human spirit.

If you would like to join me I will start my journey at 9am on April 12th at Beatty & Robson in front of the Terry Fox statues. There will be stops along the way to document this amazing day. I welcome all and any company – even if you want to pop in for a few kilometers or more.  You can find my route here:

My stops along the way will include:

I will be snapping photos at each of these locations and sending them out via Twitter and Facebook so feel free to look me up, and follow my route around Vancouver.  Join the event I created on Facebook and run with me!

If you can’t join me but want to do something, you are welcome to donate online . My expectation is $0 because this day is really to just honour Terry Fox.

Please note that this is simply a tribute – it is not an organized event through the Terry Fox Foundation.  It started with a vision of one man in Quebec, who was inspired by Terry Fox.  Now, it’s a National movement to honour a Canadian hero and role model.


9 thoughts on “it all happened by chance

  1. This is awesome Linda. I was inspired early on in my running career by what Terry did. I still have a drawing I did of him when I was 11 years old…my first year of running. I’ll join you for the trip up to Distance Runwear and we’ll have an amazing aid station set up for you and your fellow runners at the shop.

  2. Linda you are too amazing! I am so proud of your achievements and contributions to so many. Story I cannot run but I will try to see you off at the stadium.


  3. Linda – great to read this and great to be a part of this national tribute to Terry – thanks to Eddy!! I’m already looking forward to 2013!!

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