My 2011 in 2011

2011… 1st 50km trail ultramarathon (crushed my 6 hour goal by almost 20 mins!), 1/2 marathon PB (NYC marathon qualifier!), marathon (2012 Boston Marathon qualifier!), 300km relay (top female team), no injuries, 1 garmin watch, 12 pairs of shoes (Saucony, BrooksMizuno, New Balance!), 2 camelbaks, lots of lululemon gear, Hammer and Gu gels, honey stinger waffles, nuun … and 2011+ miles – 2019.51 to be exact.

It’s kind of crazy how it all happened.  I didn’t really set out to run 2011 miles in 2011.  I checked my mileage part way through the year and realized I was over half way there.  Judging by how I felt and what races I had left for the year, it didn’t seem unlikely so the 2011in2011 goal was born.

It became a bit of a game, then a distraction, then a daunting cloud over my head, then a motivator, and then a game again.  For the last few weeks of 2011, I was see-sawing between feeling overtrained and hitting those 2011 miles.  It wasn’t pleasant and I was using a lot of “tricks” to get myself back to being motivated but it wasn’t really there.  Soon, though, the miles remaining were dropping and when it was under 100, I knew I’d make it.

Thankfully, I had a friend I’d made on Twitter – Greg – that kept me motivated.  We ended up sharing this 2011in2011 goal and I have to admit that I nearly conceded and let it go.  I’m so glad I didn’t.

I ran my last mile of the 2011in2011 on December 30th – I ran from home (Burnaby) down to the False Creek seawall, over the Burrard Bridge, and into Yaletown.  It’s one of my favourite routes and as far as it sounds, it really isn’t that far!

I had to stop at 1 mile to go, just to take in the moment before I set off again.  Coincidentally, that lands me right in the middle of the Burrard Street Bridge.  Let me tell you .. when there’s only 1 mile left to go, you can really book it!  I kept checking my watch during that last mile because I didn’t want to miss it.  And then there it was .. absolutely glorious.  I love Vancouver and moments like that take my breath away.

I contemplated ending my year with exactly 2011 miles – but who are we kidding?  I’m not out to just hit my goals.  I’m out to crush them.

What’s in store for 2012?  A few things up my sleeve .. stay tuned, my friend.  I’ll be back in a few days.


One thought on “My 2011 in 2011

  1. What an inspiring way to end the year, Linda! Happy to have been able to run (just a wee part) of these epic kilometers with you. What’s in store for you this year?

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