the lululemon revolution

Speed Shorts, Run: Swiftly Shirts, Luon, 4-Way Stretch, Luxtreme – somehow, over the last year, this now sums up my running wardrobe. It’s almost comical how lululemon has invaded my suite of running clothing and it all happened right before my eyes – willingly. Eighteen months ago, before I was a lululemon Run Ambassador, the only lululemon piece I owned was the Speed Shorts. It was a keeper though. Every year, I bought at least 2-3 pairs. I never really delved into the other offerings from lululemon. I did, however, secretly eye some of them but couldn’t justify the expense. And then I was invited into the lululemon family and things changed.

Decked out in full lululemon gear for my last marathon - Cool Racerback, Speed Shorts, Arm Warmers, and No Show Socks!

When you’re asked to try on every piece of run clothing in their store and offer them feedback, you have no choice but to fall in love with some of them. Almost everything is comfortable and fits like a glove – except their run jackets. Apparently, my body doesn’t love them but, truth be told, my mind really wants to, even if i don’t wear run jackets!

Not a workout day goes by without one of their pieces on my body.

Someone asked me recently how many pairs of Speed Shorts I had. I had to think about it .. maybe 10? 12? So, a few days ago, I reshuffled my wardrobe from summer to winter and I probably pulled out about 20-25 pairs of Speed Shorts! Who knew?! I still have my very first pair – regular old black & white – and it’s probably 5 years old. I’d wear them. Actually, I still do. I ran in them for my first marathon. And second.

The other starking reality was how lululemon has changed my expectations on workout clothes. Let’s call a spade a spade – it is FREAKING cold out these days. Maybe I’m not as resilient as I used to be but that cold snap that we’re having is like a cold SLAP in the face these days. A couple of days ago, I was gearing up for a run and needed a long sleeve shirt – my Run Swiftly shirts were in the wash so I’m looking for another long sleeve tech to layer on. I put one on. It’s too short. I take it off. I put another one on. That’s too short. I put another one on. Take it off. Soon, I have a pile of 6 tech shirts that I “can’t” wear. But I just got these shirts within the last 2-3 years. I still like them. I used to wear them. So what happened? lululemon – that’s what happened. With many of my lulu tops extra long, hitting me right around the hips or slightly lower, I no longer have a tolerance for a top that doesn’t extend to add an extra shielding layer around my backside.

Some people are resistent to change. But sometimes change happens and you’ve adapted without knowing. Thanks lululemon .. i think. 🙂


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