my ultra journey ..

this is a story .. an ongoing story .. of my ultra journey.  but not just of my journey to my impending goal of running my first ultramarathon but a journey of my life as i move forward, one step at a time.  everyone has a past and with that past comes a tale of ups, downs, trials, tribulations, laughter, tears, and complacency.  but, everyone also has a future and how that future is shaped is completely in your control.  and that will be my ultra journey.

a good friend of mine described life as a metaphor and it has always stuck with me.  imagine life is a river and you’re in a raft travelling down this river.  you have two choices – cruise and let the raft take you wherever it may, or take hold of the oars and steer.  If you steer, you will always reach your destination, although your destination may change along the way.  don’t steer and you’ll just end up wherever.


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