The end is near! Oh wait .. not THE end .. but the end of my training. :)

Have I been quiet lately? I hadn’t thought so but I suppose I have. I have been trying to get my head wrapped around this whole event – I am, you see, still a newbie when it comes to marathons, Boston only being my 2nd one.

Not only is it a marathon, which is tough and gruelling in itself (if you need a reminder, you can read my Sacramento Marathon race report), but it’s BOSTON. I mean, BOSTON!! The weight that people put on it .. the impressed looks on people’s faces when they find out that I’m doing it – it’s just that much added anxiety to me.

The Boston Marathon is a such a prestigious event, marking the world’s oldest annual marathons. People who become marathoners are often drawn to it, strive to qualify for it, and wear the apparel with pride. Its elusive magnetism attracts athletes from all over the world, young and old. Its crowd support is second to none.

But strip it of all of these things and what do you have? A marathon. 42.2 kms. 26.2 miles.

And so I look inwards at myself and strip myself of the nerves, the pressure, the anxiety, the doubt, the insecurities, the plantar fasciitis, the mental scar of last year’s lower back injury, the heart rate monitor, the VO2 max values, the muscle imbalances, that spot by my right shoulder blade that bugs me, the stiff neck, the plethora of stretches that i have to do, the fuel belt, the energy gels, the dropped metatarsal head on the 2nd toe of my right foot .. strip myself of all of that and what do i have? A runner.

So come Monday, I will don my Lions Gate Singlet, lace up my shoes, and toe the line. This runner will finish that marathon.

Thank you all who have sent me well wishes and given me invaluable advice. I am humbled by it all.


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