The LONG Run …

So I’m wondering when the definition of a long run for me transitioned from anything from 1-2 hours to 2-3 1/2 hours? How did it happen and I didn’t even notice? I suppose it’s all about pushing the envelope. You think you’ve run as far as you can and then you’re told to run a bit more .. and then a bit more .. and then a tiny bit more .. each time you’re done, you’re spent! You need to eat and nap at the same time .. although it’s not humanly possible .. YET. 🙂

The thought of an ultramarathon scares me. I remember having a conversation with Hoz back during our Austin trip (i think .. or was it Sacramento?) .. his next target is the ultra. I can definitely see the appeal. Although those 3 1/2 hour long runs killed me, in a way, I enjoyed them because it was time to myself. Just listening to my tunes and losing myself in it. I suppose that’s what they call the “Runner’s High”?

The scariest thought I have right now, though, is that I made some sort of a deal with him that i can’t remember?! I “think” i said that if i could run pain free (as in injury-free .. no plantar fasciitis or lower back injuries that cause me to be bedridden for 10 days), then I would do an ultra with him. I was pretty sure that was the pact I made, rather than the potential of “if i ran a half marathon in 1:38 … ” because although i’m not there yet, i believe it’s attainable. and hopefully sooner than later. San Jose Rock & Roll Half is what i’m aiming for ..

But if i get to the point where i’d train for an ultra, i guess running 3 1/2 hours will seem great – invited, even! oh dear ..

Let’s concentrate on one thing at a time … Boston Marathon .. April 16, 2007. Do it or it’ll do me in.


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