the countdown ….

So it’s the day before my birthday .. just another day in the calendar year. Some people found it sad that i didn’t have any actual plans on my birthday but what they don’t know is that i deliberately planned it that way. I like my alone time and it’s not that i’m worried or have anxiety about turning a year older – the opposite, in fact. My 30th year was a fantastic year – probably the best so far so I’m thinking, hoping, that 31 will be even better. =)

So, tomorrow, I’m going to Dad’s. I called him yesterday and asked if i could come over for dinner. I bet he won’t even remember it’s my birthday, which is fine by me. I remember last year around my birthday, he said to me “do you have anyone to take you out on your birthday??” .. I laughed. I know I have amazing friends and if I called any one of them, we could have gone out but, similar to this year, I don’t need that sort of thing .. so i said “nope” and so Dad took me out for dinner for my birthday. 🙂 Nothing fancy but who needs something fancy .. it’s just another day and an excuse to hang with my pop.


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