Race Report Y’all! from Austin, Texas

Just a quick update after running the Austin Half Marathon this past weekend.

After running the First Half Half Marathon last weekend, I knew that the Austin Half Marathon was not going to land me any PB’s so I treated it like a good tempo run.

We got off the plane in Dallas, TX on Thursday morning and, to our surprise, we were hit with flakes of snow surrounding us! They didn’t last long but that only proved to be an indication of the temperatures we were going to face. It was sitting around 0 degrees, with high’s of around 6-7 degrees, plus windchill. Every day we were in Austin, it was windy.

Friday, I fell ill with a cold and cough. Nothing too awful – just zapped a bit of energy out of me. Sunday morning, it was chilly but thankfully, we didn’t experience the winds we had been the previous few days. Race started at 7am and i knew it wasn’t an easy flat course. The course profile showed some significant hills but I thought I would just run and see what i could do. I had my sights set on doing it in 1:45 – my target pace of 8:00/mile didn’t seem out of reach.

Little did I know that the whole course was hilly – we had a minor break at 4-5 miles but other than that, the whole course was full of hills and very little recovery flat spots. There was even a major hill at mile 11-12. When I got to mile 10, I was feeling the head fuzzies, similar to when I ran the Toronto Half while sick, so I took a short walk break at the top of a hill. I continued on and when I saw the final big hill, I decided to walk it. I figured, I’m not really here to race .. no need to be a hero and injure myself.

I finished the half in 1:44:18 so still managed to get in my goal time. To show the difficulty of the course, our top runner in our group who could typically run 1:20-1:21 on a half ended with a 1:23:31, putting him 34th overall out of 5133 racers. The winning time was 1:07:36.

The course was beautiful, aside from the 10 miles of hills we had to run through. The weather cooperated, sitting nicely around 3-6 degrees and no wind.

All in all, a fairly good race with great support.


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