humina humina HURT!

It’s almost 1am and i’m procrastinating. there’s chaos in my living room, clothes strewn everywhere, and not a decisive bone in my body right now! hah .. Austin, here i come!

This past Sunday, i ran the “First Half” Half Marathon. I PB’d last year and felt great and was hoping to do better this year. The extreme weather conditions foiled my plan as the course was rerouted up Prospect Point. I suck ass on hills … hah.

But beyond the hill, I was facing other problems … training at slower than molasses marathon pace and plantar fasciitis. But race day came and went and, although not a PB, i was pretty happy with my results.

Best thing was that my friends were there at the end and, to my surprise, an unexpected visit from a certain someone.

So it’s been two days since the half and i HURT. holy mary, i hurt! everything on the fronts of my legs seem to be in constant agony .. i’m surprised my legs haven’t buckled beneath me, sending me down a flight of stairs!

Irregardless, I’m going to Austin and running that darn half marathon! Who is crazy enough to do that? Back to back half marathons .. and why on Earth did I think that it was going to be fine? Yup, there’s my ego .. “heck, i can run a marathon and i train for hours on end, a half marathon shouldn’t be that big of a deal” .. oyVAY.

So wish me luck .. Dallas red-eye flight, drive to Austin, Canada invades Austin pub crawl, and then the half .. we’re nuts! But i love it. wouldn’t trade it in for the world … just don’t ask me on Sunday afternoon, after I’ve run the Half. =)


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