my Dad … he’s the cutest!

Wow .. January is going by fast. I guess that’s what happens when you get older and your life becomes so quick to turnover that you find yourself counting down in months or seasons, rather than days.

Again, I’m reminded at how cute my Dad is .. and how perfect he is. I haven’t seen my Dad for about 2 weeks – no calls, no visits. Part of the danger of putting me back on a training schedule, I guess.

So I’m at work yesterday and get a phone call from him (yes, it’s not completely literal because then it would be Chinese and I can’t write Chinese nor am I going to phonetically write it out):

me: “Hi Dad”
Dad: “Where have you been? You haven’t called or come by.”
me: “I’ve been busy. What’s up?”
Dad: “Nothing. What have you been doing?”
me: “I’ve just been busy .. running and working and the sorts.”
Dad: “Oh. What are you doing?”
me: “I’m working! You just called me at work!”
Dad: “Oh…


proceeds to tell me about the goings on of my brother and sisters ..


Dad: “When are you going out of town?”
me: “Next month .. around Chinese New Year. Btw, when is the dinner?”
Dad: “I don’t know yet. I’ll tell you later.”
me: “Can you tell me sooner than later?”
Dad: “I’ll tell you a week ahead.”
me: “How about two?”
Dad: “Ok .. but I’ll wait til my Pension cheque comes in first.”


and so on and so forth


me: “Ok Dad, I gotta go back to work. I’ll talk to you later.”

Because, of course, scheduling a family dinner has everything to do with his pension cheque …??

He’s hilarious. I knew it had been a bit since I’ve seen him but I’ve realized his wait time is about 2 weeks .. by then, he’ll either call me or he’ll call my sister and ask where I am.

I’m going to have to set a reminder in my calendar to call him every 10 days .. just to avoid having these funny phone calls ..

Oh man, my Dad .. you gotta love him. Well, i do. =) to bits. and bits. and bits.


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