barfy barferson!

oh dear gawd .. i just got back from dinner for my Dad’s birthday — he’s 68 this year, apparently … we’ve all been confused about his age for many years. we ALL thought he was 70. hah. good one, Dad.

Anyway, i show up to dinner not feeling so good .. a bit nauseas (i think it was the vietnamese lunch i had… ugh) .. so i eat very minimal and try to intake only fairly “safe” foods … dinner is EXCRUCIATINGLY long (probably only because i was sick and couldn’t eat all the foods that i LOVE to eat…) and as soon as it’s over, i bolt out of there and drive everyone home and get home in time to barf up my Dad’s birthday dinner.

dear lord .. happy 68th birthday, Dad.

Now i gotta go upstairs and go to a “Holiday Get Together” in my apartment building. So i get to sit there and watch people eat .. when I can’t. again.


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