Five days til Christmas!

December 20th .. i can’t believe Christmas is coming up so quickly. it’ll be a good one though – i’ll be with people i love and they’ll want to spend the time with me. no doubt it’ll be a special Christmas. It’s been too long since I’ve had one.

But, with Christmas, comes thoughts of a new year. It’s funny because i’m such a planner … sure, i can be spontaneous about certain things but other things, I’m by the book – stick to the plan. My horoscope begs to differ though – Pisces are dreamers .. and can be quite flaky. Most people who know me wouldn’t characterize me that way.

Last year this time, I had my race schedule all planned out. Right now, all I can think of is the First Half Half Marathon and Boston. Beyond that, I have no clue. I have a few thoughts as far as what I’d like to do but it’s still up in the air. How much racing do I want to do, what kind of racing, what other activities do I want to try ….

I do, however, want to continue the way I have been – really enjoying myself and who I really am, meeting some fantastic people, and nurturing the friendships I have already developed.

A few days ago, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself .. being single and all. And in a matter of hours, I was so irritated by myself. hah. I look back at the year and I’ve had an amazing year. What I’ve experienced this year has changed my outlook on a lot of things and solidified some of my beliefs. I’ve had some ups and downs and bumped heads with people but I’m not upset by it. I do, however, value my privacy even moreso now.

So, one night before the end of the year, I’ll have to raise my glass and toast to the new year upon which I will be embarking – full of new experiences, great people, and lots of laughter.


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