the highlights …

the highlights of the marathon:

  • dropping my gel flask within the first mile and having to run backwards into the crowd to pick it up
  • sprinting up to Tav to smack him in the ass and then dropping back behind him
  • the old guy wearing a puffy vest around mile 9 who sidled up beside me and wouldn’t leave me alone!
  • the fun banter i had with Colin about his betrayal to Lions Gate by not wearing their singlet and threatening to shove him into the bushes at the half marathon mark
  • yelling at Ron at the Mile 18 marker that *I HURT*
  • the cheerleaders and C&C Music Factory around Mile 19
  • seeing Harry around mile 20 and calling out to him .. and he doesn’t even acknowledge me .. he just gets back on the course and runs in front of me
  • the self talk during the last 6 miles .. things that Jeanne, Matt, Hoz, and Tav had said to me prior to the marathon ..
  • the last 5 miles .. battling through the physical pain
  • the person i ran with during the last 5 miles .. no words were spoken and there was a good distance between us .. but somehow we knew that we were using each other to keep us going
  • calculating my finishing time starting at 4 miles to go .. and staying on pace to get under 3:40
  • praying that my hamstrings wouldn’t seize during my final sprint down the finishing chute
  • the intensity and magnitude of pain at the end
  • the woman who kindly walked me over to get my clothes after the finish
  • finishing it in the time i had set out for myself, even though i was not expecting to really reach that goal

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