one arm workout!

so yesterday, i did my scheduled 1 hour, 45 minute run – but turned into 2 hours and 20 minutes.

i can’t stand wearing my fuel belt so i decided i would carry a water bottle and pack my gels in the back pocket of my shorts – easy, right?

this is basically how my run went … water bottle in the right hand .. 5 minutes later .. water bottle in the left hand … 10 minutes, switch .. take a sip .. switch again .. shake out the free arm .. switch again so i can shake out the other arm .. and on and on and on…

my running companion generously offered to carry my bottle .. but NOPE! i had to punish myself for being an IDIOT for not bringing my fuel belt.

yes, i hate my fuel belt but i hate carrying a water bottle even more. i’d rather be constantly adjusting my fuel belt than give myself an unwarranted arm workout for over two hours……..


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