in a world of HURT…..

oh dear GAWD .. why did i commit to running a marathon???? what possessed me to decide to do one?

after running the Haney to Harrison 100K relay race ( with my run club ( and celebrating all night (3rd in the Open Women’s Division!), my ride home was delayed by almost 2 hours because of some street racing accident on the Pitt River bridge. Tight legs and a sore back indicated i would have an awful 3.5 hour run when i got home .. and awful it was.

weather was mild when i stepped out the door .. minutes later, the rain started .. and it never let up. but not only did it not let up, the wind decided to come along and ‘play’. 2.5 hours into it, i thought i was going to quit … because it was all uphill from wherever i was to home … each step hurt .. all i kept thinking was after today, it would be over. i’ll have peaked in my mileage and i can start my recovery and taper til the Sacramento Marathon.

i finished my 3.5 hour run and stumbled up the stairs to my apartment building, drenched to the very core and water pouring off my visor. i walked in the door, stripped down to nothing and jumped into the shower and didn’t come out til i was warm again .. i’m thinking the beers, coolers, smirnoff ice’s, and whatever else i drank the night before wasn’t helping either ..

hah .. but, it’s over. i’m done. i had a fantastic relay race, had a blast at the after party, and topped out my mileage.

i can finally relax……… well, as soon as i stop limping whilst walking …


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