The Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon – Race Report

the morning of the toronto waterfront half marathon started like any other race – fueling. i jumped out of bed, got my gear on, put on a light running jacket and headed out to the door the local tim horton’s down the street for a bagel. i stepped out on to the street and quickly realized that there was no need for a jacket – there was a warm breeze and the humidity was apparent.

so, i got my bagel and headed back to my hotel room, stripping myself of my jacket. i did, however, put on a pair of light gloves because, you know, it’s windy and who knows what will happen to my extremiities whilst battling the racing grounds.

the race started off like any other .. lots of people all running together .. running left, running right .. trying to find your spot in the race. the wind was a bit of a challenge at first and then we turned the corner to go down lakeshore and that’s when you really felt the wind. i didn’t realize how much effort i put in until the next day when my arms felt like they were going to fall off.

i was fighting a bad cold earlier in the week and it still hadn’t left my body … so i made a big mistake. before i started the race, i took a double dose of cold medicine and an ibuprofen. needless to say, my dizzy and light headed-ness that kicked in at the 11k mark was the result of that stellar mistake. just after 11k, i pulled off to the side .. walked a bit .. tried to start again and then stopped again .. and walked a bit. i *almost* sat down. instead, i pulled my visor off. when i tried to get going again, i tried to find a good spot to put my visor. i couldn’t find one. emotions high and frustrations overwhelming me, i tossed my visor aside along with my gloves. there’s going to be one lucky homeless person with a great visor and gloves in toronto …………..

the rest of the race ended just as badly .. my HR was through the roof and every time i got it down again and started up, it would shoot up again. i was still light-headed and all i could do was curse myself.

i crossed the finish line with my worst time ever. 1:47:49. my foot crossed the line and i staggered my way through the people .. grabbed some water .. and walked straight to my hotel room and laid down on the floor, hoping that i would return back to normal. after my shower, i went straight to bed. i was feeling just as miserable physically as i was mentally.

in retrospect, the toronto waterfront half marathon was a good event, despite my disappointing performance. the crowds were great – lots of spectators .. musical bands on the course, and well supported. the weather is always a toss-up, as you can never predict how it will turn out. even the weatherman can be partially wrong as he called for rain .. the temperature reached the day’s high about an hour into the run and the rain came down on us later in the afternoon.

so what have i learned from all this? don’t take a double dose of cold medicine before a race and everyone has good days and bad days .. even the person who always has a smile on their face. what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger so watch out – i’m going to have a great race report for my next event.


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