Another Race Report … making a rookie mistake ..

Last Sunday marked the final Peach City Marathon – its 10th anniversary. I believe the Peach City Half will still live on but because of the dwindling attendance, the marathon will no longer be continued.

Ok, enough of the bad news .. let’s move on to the exciting stuff – racing! =)

The Peach City Half Marathon is my 3rd half marathon in 7 months – sounds like a lot to me but maybe not to the rest of you. Rene is up in the Okanagan for work so she had decided to run the Peach City Half as well. I was very excited to see her!

My expectations for this Half were not high – I was going to use it as a confidence booster and a training run – leading up to Scotiabank. You see, my racing has not been as “fantastic” as I had hoped for a few months and my bruised ego was getting the best of me. So, going into this Half, my goal was somewhere in between my two previous Half’s – 1:40:28 and 1:43:33. I was setting myself up for somewhere between a 7:40 and 7:50 mile.

The day started out with great conditions, especially following the downpour from the previous day. We were sitting around 15 degrees, slight cloud and the sun was starting to peek through. I had heard that the course was flat with what you could barely call a hill at the end. It was nowhere near the hills that the marathoners would have to face.

I saw Rene before the start – she was nervous and laughing about it because she hadn’t been nervous before a race in a long time. I was fairly calm – I was very comfortable with the goal I had set out for myself.

3 – 2 – 1 .. the race starts. I took the first mile slow … (since I have a problem of not) .. passing the first mile at 7:50 .. then I thought that I was on the slow end of my goal .. so I picked it up for the next few miles – 7:32, 7:32, 7:36 .. so this is where it all fell apart. I threw my strategy out the window and thought .. I’m pretty comfortable .. let’s see if i can keep this up! Clearly, a big mistake .. 7:47, 7:47, 7:46 .. i’m just over half way and i’m slowing down .. i’m tired .. by now, i’m thinking if i could just keep this pace then I’d be ok to finish within my goal .. 15:46, missing a mile marker .. 8:07, 8:16 (can you see where this all fell apart???) .. 7:56, 9:00 for the last 1.1 mile .. those bumps in the road that you couldn’t call a hill felt like mountains to me .. i stopped for water at the last two water stations and I walked halfway up the last hill ..

My finish time was 1:42:57 officially. Yes, it is still in my original target time but man, all I can do is laugh at myself .. not enough training for this one .. i was supposed to just run it evenly and i didn’t.

I laugh because I made all the mistakes of a rookie .. I was like a kid out there out of control .. I’m not upset or disappointed or anything – I feel fine. I accomplished what I had set out for myself and I’m taking this week as a rest week. It was a race where I had not placed any real pressure on myself and i felt a sense of relief almost.

I knew my big race was going to be Scotiabank and I now have 5 weeks until I have to peak and go kick my own ass. =)

Ok .. final results .. Rene was going to go home after what she felt was a disappointing race, but Owain convinced her to stay – 1:35:13, FIRST in her age group! 32nd overall.

Yours truly came in at 1:42:57, 4th in my age group and 62nd overall.

Another interesting tidbit .. an 11-year-old girl came in at 1:55:51 .. phenomenal time for such a young age .. watch out for Kala Polman-Tuin. =D

Over and out til the next one on my list ..


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